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The students who are graduated from china's top universities now have a chance to work in USA.
Our network provide the students scholarships in China
and internships in United States


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Best Education Wordpress
Theme For 2018
We are committed to provide first class guidance and
support to students who wish to study abroad in china
Get the admission in china's
TOP RANK Universities
Get the admission in china's


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What we do

GCS Company is one of the famous & trustful to help students to get admission in USA, CANADA AND CHINA Universities.

It’s established in 2016. Since, last few years we are helping students to get them higher study admission.

Our aim is to help all the graduated students to have a bright future. We help our graduated students to get a Scholarships, Internships and JOB in USA & make there future bright. We provide & guide for all kinds of necessary things for their visa processing. More than 3 thousand’s students from different countries are studying in Chinese universities by Great China EDU.

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